Fanuc Repair Service, Fanuc Repairs

fanuc-repair-centerAs Berk Electronic we are servicing maintenance and repair of Fanuc Servo Drive, Servo Motor, Encoder AC, DC, Spindle Drives, Power Supply, Monitor, PCBs and I / O units.

All Fanuc repairs are carried out by our expert team using the highest technological facilities. There is a team specializing in Fanuc repairs, Fanuc test equipment and spare parts. The replacement parts we use in Fanuc repairs are all original Fanuc products.

Our standards of maintenance and repair are of the highest level.
Therefore, you can rely on Berk Elektronik in all of the operations made.

The repaired products are delivered to you in a working condition after being tested in our test simulator.
 All of the repaired products have a warranty of six months.

Fanuc A03B Modules

Fanuc Zero A,B,C,D

Servo Drive Card

Spindle Drive PCB

Fanuc Encoders

Orientation Board

GE Fanuc Memory

Fanuc Servo Motor

Transistor Modules

Fanuc Alpha Servo

Fanuc DC Motor

Fanuc Beta Motors

S Series Motors